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New SOTA-related things

Hi SOTA folks

I have been busy working on adding more useful things for portable operating: I now have approaching 100 items. A couple that may be of interest here are listed below.

The Waterproof logbooks look like being

The new Battery Monitor - manufactured to my specification - works
like a dream!

And finally, there is a great offer on this weekend: save up to £40 on
an HB1B Four Band HF transceiver and antenna.



In reply to G3CWI:
If the logbook is Rite in the Rain then that’s brilliant and I would order some. I’ve had a very positive experience of Rite in the Rain paper so far plus the pages dry and separate.
If it’s plastic sheet paper then I can send you my old notebook where all the pages have welded together after one very wet Lake District activation so it’s clear that these are a bad idea.

Which type of paper or page material is it please?


In reply to M0YDH:

Dear David

It says clearly on the website what it is - as I am sure that you know! You are correct in that the cheap plain waterproof notebooks use a very thin and inferior quality of film. They can be bought for less than £3 - try Amazon. In developing this product I bought several different types of notebook and Tom and I tested them in the pub one night. None was any good except for the Rite in the Rain one.

The film used in ours is a much thicker variety (150 micron) and is high quality stuff. It can only be bought in large quantities as it is made to order. Discussions with the manufacturer lead me to believe that pages sticking together with this material are not likely.

I hope that helps.