New SOTA MT member

We somehow managed to miss announcing that the SOTA MT in Asia has doubled in size with the addition of Warren Harris ZL2AJ to the SOTA MT as part of the summits team. Warren has been licensed since 1993, and works as an electrical engineer on New Zealand’s electricity distribution network.

I first started working with Warren on bringing the ZL1 association on line, and then the ZL3 association, and thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the start of the ZL3 association with a combined activation with Warren and his partner Emma on ZL3/MB-093 Altimarloch as the clock rolled over to 0000 UTC.

Since then, Warren has proved himself a summit checking machine, assisting with the remaining ZLx associations, FK and about 3/4 of the recent Japan association summit updates. He’ll be working with me on bringing other Asia-Pacific associations on line and assisting the SOTA MT with the vast amount of work as we tackle the remaining continents untouched by SOTA at this point.

o/b/o SOTA MT


Congratulations to Warren,
Not only has he been active doing the spade work, he has been a regular activator. It’s always a pleasure to get him in my log.


Congratulations to Warren and thanks for all the help in Asia.


Congratulations Warren.

Thanks for the welcome Andrew and others. Happy to assist with what ever I need to to help SOTA as a whole.