New SOTA Merchandise?

I see that Barry is not content with awards and records and is test marketing some new SOTA Merchandise (still with a records theme). Judging by the name, the product launch is a ways off yet. SOTA Turntables | Krispy Kables Sydney

Could make a nice antenna base:
“utilising a critically damped one piece sub-chassis, milled from a one inch thick solid aluminium plate”

And a snip at only AU$16K :smile:

Yes and having it in African Rosewood colour and with a dustcover adds another $450 on top of the $16,395 !! For these prices you’d think they’d spell check their website as well!! “Yes Pleas” instead of “Yes Please” - Doh!

A record player is hardly “State of the Art” in my opinion … especially as it was released at or before the turn of the century!!


They are too busy counting their money to have to worry about trivial things like spelling.

Kent K9EZ

I listened to a £30000 LP system once. That’s £30k of turntable, arm, cartridge, cables and LP preamp. The power amps and speakers were a lot extra. It sounded a lot better than my £625 (1988 price) turntable, arm and cartridge. Not sure it sounded £29.4k better but it did sound better.

So it’s fun to scoff but until you listen to some of these high end bits of equipment you may not realise how much better they sound than the typical old tin-boxes people use.

Yes, there’s lots of snake oil salesmen out there and lots of tat sold for stupid money. The key is to use just the two flappy things on the side of your head to listen to the equipment before you get to see what it is and how much it costs. Otherwise the “shiny-shiny… I want one” effect kicks in.

Included SOTA Reflex Clamp

What is the SOTA reflex? Can I clamp a portable antenna system to it?