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New Sota Beam Product

Was just on sotabeams website and seen they are advertising a new product… the 2M MFD (Multi Function Dipole). Just wondering if anyone knows anymore about it and if its worth buying?


In reply to MM6ADR:

You could ask Richard what he thinks about them?


In reply to MM6ADR:

Julian G4ILO has one and you can read his first impressions on his blog here

Regards Steve GW7AAV

…and don’t forget my blog now with over 140 post on amateur radio relate topics http://www.cqhq.co.uk

In reply to GW7AAV:

I’ve looked at the web site and it is similar in principle to the antenna that I use, only mine is an aluminium folding dipole with a short T-arm which I use with a roach pole: for horizontal polarisation the T-arm slips over the pole and for vertical one arm of the dipole slips inside the pole until stopped by the T. This gets me a good supply of contacts including to the continent and I see no reason why the Sotabeams unit shouldn’t be just as good…and it probably looks better than mine, too! Of course, a beam would be better but it takes longer to assemble and dismantle and is more prone to windage problems.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:
Ive ordered it now so ill hopefully try it out next week and tell you’s how i found it.


In reply to MM6ADR:
1st of all super quick delivery. Only 48hrs to northern Scotland. Post strike…what post strike?

Very quick and easy to assemble.

Only had time to test it in the garden but with good results.
Tested with my VX170, my local repeater GB3SS is 80.6Km from my QTH and with Yaesu’s rubber duck the repeater comes in at S1 at best. But with the MFD its a solid S5.

All good so far!


In reply to MM6ADR:
Taking the new MFD antenna out on an activation tommorow on GM N/S 005 Ben Wyvis tommorow WX depending so ill shall write a proper user review.


In reply to MM6ADR:
Ive given the new SotaBeams 2M MFD antenna a go on friday.

We were activating Ben Wyvis GM-N/S 005 1046M.
1st of all the WX conditions were very good considering the predictions of high winds, not much in NS for a change HI HI.

The antenna proved very good with the HT, using the VX170 this time.
You really dont notice it in the backpack. I have to say that I tried to use it as a backpack antenna but my bag isnt the best in the way of loops to hold it up. Im sure a different bag would suffice.

In setting it up at the summit was up and operation in less than 5mins. All the components are a push fit. And plenty of length availabe on the RG58 coax.
Only used FM but its just as easy to configure for SSB.

It probably wasnt the best day to do an activation (Fri Mid-Morn) everyone must have been at work, but did manage to get the 4 QSO’s.
Thanks to MM0LOZ, MM0DAC, 2M0IBO and GM4TOE. GM4TOE being the furthest at 56miles.

Overally very pleased with the antenna, you cant fault it for quickness to setup and very light to carry.