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New S5 ARM from 01.06.2009

Hello SOTA chasers!

Today came out new S5 ARM ver.1.04. New ARM brings considerable innovations in the summits.
S5 ARM in Eng.language is here: http://files.sota.si/doc/S5-ARM_1.04_090601.pdf
Unfortunately, the Database on SOTAwatch is not updated yet. I’m sorry, but we can not be affected to this. It is in other hands.
Anyway, welcome to new S5 ARM and please to still call us on a QRG.

I present you first new SOTA in BR area from todays activation. It is Gradisce, S5/BR-032 and pictures are just one click away:

73 de Miloš

location of the Summit S5/BR-032:

In reply to S53X:
Fine job Milos, congratulations !

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:

An excellent job Milos. Well done to all of you on the Regional Management Team.

73, Gerald

Just seen this thread! I’ve already announced it in another topic, but just to confirm that all S5 association updates are now on the Database, so new summits activated and chased from 1/6/2009 may now be claimed.

Again, sorry for the delay, and thank you to the FB job done (as usual) by the S5 team.