New Reflector wish list

Having just had a look at the new reflector and realised that the Yahoo entries are being ported over I would like to see something like the facility on the Yahoo reflector where the post has the posting date beside it. At the moment it seems as if you have to scroll through all the posts to find what you have and haven’t read and the ability to reply and start a topic thread makes it even more time consuming to follow posts as an update post dates the start of the thread. I know this is how other reflectors seem to work but just “cos it is wot we always did” doesn’t necessarily make it right!

I like browsing the Yahoo reflector once each day and know that I will be able to keep up with what fellow SOTA entusiasts are saying - I cannot justify spending hours chasing about trying to follow multiple postings and replies

Please tell me that I have missed the point!!


Barry GM4TOE

You might have done, or maybe not!

The topics are ordered by the “recentness” of the most recent posting in the topic. Hence if you do browse the postings once per day, you just need to read the topics from the top of the list, down to where the “Posted by…” is more than “24 hours ago”.

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And I had to search to find your reply as I had (already) forgotten what the topic title was! Then I might not look at the reflector for some days and I would not have a clue if it was 24,48, 72 or even more hours!

Ho Hum!

Guess I am getting old and also becoming a luddite!


Barry GM4TOE

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Hi Barry - off topic, but my block of ice arrived safely today - thanks.
Steve GINK.