New reflector a sucess

I would just like to say that having the reflector available from the SOTAwatch page was a stroke of genius. Maybe the discussions are getting a little more heated at times but I think that simply proves things are being read more and quicker than on the old Yahoo group. I believe this is a good thing and good things can come out of frank debating.

It’s worth remembering the the old adage that ‘the pen is sharper than the sword’ and that forums of any sort will always have those that like to wind-up people up and those that will play ‘devil’s advocate’. I don’t want to see any unnecessary censorship and I would not plead for people to ‘play nice’ but I would ask people to ‘agree to disagree’ from time to time and to enjoy what that the reflector adds to the SOTA experience.

Best Regards Steve GW7AAV