New range of clothing for radio hams

While looking for something else I ran across these clothing ideas that may well appeal to SOTA activators.

I feel sure that they will catch on.

73 Richard G3CWI

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“Suits you, Sir!” :slight_smile:

Actually, the fourth one could be the basis of a good midge protection device.


Brian G8ADD

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My thoughts to Brian.

Steve MW0BBU.

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Yep, the Faraday hat gets my vote too. I don’t doubt its efficacy for a moment, and expect all good stockists of portable amateur radio equipment to be offering such a product line soon ;o)


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I was surprised by:
“Problem Description:
Getting burned from a new tower that actually killed some tree”.


There should be a low cost RF free one way cruise offered to proven Luddites. But please not to Australia. (A) We have already taken in boatloads of unwanted Brits back in the 1700’s. (B) We have enough Luddites of our own.

Maybe the Fauklands/Malvinas?

I’m surprised there isn’t an eye mesh or a cod piece to protect the two most vulnerable bits of men. Missing something there.

Still I like the idea of recycling left over rf mesh as an excuse to wear a funny hat.


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Best use for this would to make carry bags for mobile phones!


Barry GM4TOE