New qrplabs transceiver

The new qrplabs transceiver has been Presented at yota2018: AE4FH Interviews Hans from QRP Labs About the QSX SDR Transciever Kit - YouTube

Basically 10 band, all-mode, sdr transceiver with both digi modes built in and an integrated USB sound card, dsp, 10w, …

It looks really really good, I got a kit at the yota event, TX firmware Will be finished soon so I’ll keep you posted if It have some experience with it.

73 de on8wr



Wow… where do I sign?

Sounds great!

Tnx Ward for sharing. Sounds indeed great.

WANT !!!


$75 for the current single band (40m), all-mode model - amazing!


A QSX page with details was posted on the QRP Labs website:

Possibly another kit to join the other kit I havent built yet lol.

you can built QCX now, but the QSX is the new futur kit :wink:

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