New mountain goat: ki4svm

IMPENDING ARRIVAL , Apr 17 Thursday.
Pat plans to activate as DL/KI4SVM/P ON DM/HE-015 Altkönig (8 points).
This summit will put him over 1000 pts.

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Congrats Pat and always a pleasure to work you out there - your efforts are appreciated!

73, Barry N1EU

Congratulations Pat and many thanks for the summits at home and abroad 8)
Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

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Congratulations Patrick. No luck so far working him while he’s been in EU. FYI, Patrick will have some nice hardware waiting for him when he gets home. He won the First Place trophy in this year’s North Carolina QSO Party for the Expedition/In State/QRP category. Well done.
Marc W4MPS

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Congratulations Pat, well done…Mike AD5A

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Congratulations Pat. You are one of my top SSB contacts. Always a pleasure to find you on a summit. All the best! de Scotty KG3W

A new GOAT is born…congrats Pat, well done…!

C U from a summit soon.



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Congratulations Pat on making Mountain Goat status. You’re in a very elite group now. Always look forward to working you when I see you will be out on a summit. Unfortunately band conditions have been poor here and I’ve not heard you yet from DL land. Have a fun trip.
Gary A. - W0MNA

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Hi Pat
Congratulations on reaching Mountain goat,

             73 Colin G4UXH

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Congratulations Pat on becoming a mountain Goat. Baa to you OM!


Congratulations Pat on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Thanks for all the congratulations, QSOs and most of all for SOTA. Summits on the Air has gotten me off my duff and back into the great outdoors. Mountain Goat is just a stop on the journey and the trail is always calling me to the next summit.

I had a great summit and weather for the big activation, but I am sorry I wasn’t able to share it with all the faithful chasers on the other side of the pond. But, I have gotten to know a lot of the ‘usual suspects’ over here while on vacation in Germany.

Till the next summit, 73 de pat - KI4SVM

Congratulations Pat,well done on the Mountain Goat.Conditions certainly didn’t favor me during your trip to Germany had a real duff time over those days on 20/40mtrs from the West Country.
73 Don. G0RQL.

Congrats Pat !

You definitely earned it. Thanks for being there for us chasers and thanks for being a great friend and sending those awesome pictures. Hi Hi


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Congratulations from Colorado… enjoy your vacation and MG status.


Congratulations Pat. Thanks for the many contacts.

Malcolm VE2DDZ

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Congratulations Pat, hard work for this. 73’s de Jean VA2VL

Congrats Pat!! It has been my pleasure to chase, be chased, S2S, and co activate with you. BAAAA welcome to the herd :slight_smile:


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Congrats Pat!! It has been my pleasure to chase, be chased, S2S, and
co activate with you. BAAAA welcome to the herd :slight_smile:

One of the coolest aspects of SOTA for me has been to share some of my favorite mountain tops with activators from other areas. I am fortunate to have a lot of great summits within a couple of hours drive from my QTH (with plenty of memories from my misspent youth). As much as I enjoy spending a day in the woods not seeing a single other person, sharing the trail with a fellow activator and swapping stories is great fun as well. The southeast US is a great SOTA destination year-round and I encourage anyone to drop by for a visit.

73, pat - DL/KI4SVM/P (for a couple of days longer)