New merchandise

I am pleased to announce some new merchandise is now available.

In the SOTA shop you will now find a Buff® lookalike called “Morph”. There are two varieties, one is a lightweight microfibre product the other is also microfibre for the main section but has a microfleece section (which normally fits over the head) providing a slightly warmer variant. Both carry the SOTA logo embroidered onto the prodcut.

I will try to improve the product description later but thought it was worth introducing them now. They were ordered in March but only delivered in the last week, I am still waiting for the remainder of the order to be sent to me so stock is very limited.


I suppose they might double as a SOTA face mask?


I think I read some research from North Carolina that showed they were worse than wearing nothing because the broad weave actually converted large droplets into small ones which could penetrate the single layer of fabric.

At least that’s what my 11 year old daughter’s mask-making enterprise is using as advertising right now :slight_smile: