New license

Hey there, I got my tech license a couple months ago and I’m looking to do some stuff with it. SOTA caught my eye since I only have a small handheld Baofeng and I love the mountains. Looking to get some activations here pretty soon in Colorado USA.


Welcome to the mountain madhouse, Robert! Have fun and stay safe.

Congrats on getting your Tech Ticket. And welcome to SOTA. I assume there are nearby Summits that are within the range of civilization for an HT.

Is upgrading to General a goal for you? Your SOTA options would be greatly enhanced with HF privileges.

Meanwhile, certainly make the most of what you have.

Glenn AB3TQ

Yes, I have access to dozens of 14ers, most of them are near at least a small town. I’ll get my General in about a year, school is a priority right now. I’m eager to get out there with some 2m and 70cm though.

I’m going to post an alert on SOTA watch as soon as I figure out how.