New language for SOTA Database

Thanks to Jiho Kim @DS5SQS who has provided a Korean translation of the SOTA Database, which is now live.

If people would like to add other languages (Portuguese or French anyone?), pull requests (or PM to me if you want to help) are welcome:

Bonus points for a Swedish Chef translation.


Does “Bork! Bork! Bork!” help?

I await the Klingon version with interest.

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Not one native Strine-speaker stepped forward?

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“Upload that flamin’ activation via CSV” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Peter @ON4UP has also kindly supplied a Dutch version of the Database, which is now live.


Laurent @F8CZI has kindly provided a French translation that is currently live on the database now.


…and we can now add Brazilian Portuguese to the mix too, with a translation kindly provided by Douglas @PY1II. This will be the default translation for the pt locale


Glad to help. Hopefully it’s online soon. People in Brazil will love it.

It’s available here:

I have updated the index page to have a PT link too, which requires my to push it out which I didn’t get to last night. The webserver should be auto configured to push you to the pt variant based on your Accept-Language header (so whatever language you set your browser to). I could have that wrong because of the variance between pt, pt-BR and pt-PT, but it should work.

I see it. Works great! Thanks!