New Intruder on 14062 +/-

A new intruder has popped up on about 14062, but causing pretty serious QRM from 14058 to 14065. It appears to be military data of the “STANAG” 8-carrier variety, and is well over S9 here in VK in the early morning and evenings. As you might imagine, it pretty much obliterates the traditional CW SOTA watering holes, so there may be fewer than usual VK’s in your log, unless you choose to go lower in frequency. If anybody cares, a second one popped up at the same time on 14098(ish), wreaking havoc with the NCDXF beacon fleet, but obviously with less direct impact on SOTA.


Same here in ZL, John. It is absolutely terrible. The only station I was able to work - RX9WT/P but only because he had a reasonable signal. EU is a no go at the moment.

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Please give us an audio sample

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This should be reported to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

The forms and procedure for reporting interference are available here:

Leigh VK3SG

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Do you know the origin of the signals?
John Paul // AB4PP

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I don’t know if IARU Region 3 has something like the R1 monitoring system, but maybe you can report it to R1 Monitoring and they can pass it on,


On paper, Region 3 has a monitoring system. In practice, the zeal to track down these intruders and remove them from our bands is almost zero. I should know - I was a part of it for 15 years, averaging 600 observations per month. Work that out…I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of cases successfully solved, and 100% of those were by me doing the “forbidden” activity of working outside channels. I did bung a couple reports into the Region 1 “Online Intruder Logger”, but I’ve never received acknowledgement that those are acted upon, or even seen.

Hi John Paul: The “STANAG” modulation scheme is used almost exclusively by Russia and China. More modern armies use frequency-hopping data burst systems like the Thales manpack radios employ.

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Pretty boring, really. Almost like white noise. The waterfall is more interesting. Can you not hear it in Europe?

The one on 14.098 at 2225Z is S3 at the moment. Virtually nothing on 14.060.

Another one to bother us.

Rgds, Wal VK2WP

QRM all morning May 3:rd ( lsn 05- 08:30 utc), between 14.059 and 14 0625. My antenna is towards Japan 050 degrees.


Can you have a listen to 14061 in our evening, Wal? Getting pretty close to S9 here on my simple wire antenna.

Yes will have a listen to 14061 this evening. Noted that the 14098 intruder has sidewash onto 14100 which is the international beacon frequency.

These beacons can be quite handy for monitoring when out in the wilds.

73’s Wal VK2WP


QRM still there,digital signal, Tue 04 May 7 utc. My antenna NE.

14.061 ±1,5 kHz abt 53 cw mode preamp off
14.098 ±1,5 kHz abt 57 cw mode preamp off

/ Lars

Have been monitoring both 061 and 098 since midday EST. Will continue monitoring until late tonight and tomorrow morning will tablulate my results.

73’s Wal VK2WP

That sounds spot on, Lars! My initial post was wrong - there are 12 carriers, not 8, making the total bandwidth 3.1 kHz per Military - Signal Identification Wiki “CIS-12” specs. Tough to get it all inside the typical 2.7 kHz-wide SSB filter in conventional transceivers. Even harder on my old clunker, as the BFO goes walkabout.
John VK4TJ

The intruder affected my activations on Sunday. I normally use 14062 but ended up on 14064 which was clear of the QRM on both occasions.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

Here are the results of my listening to the intruder 5/5/2021. IC7610 using both receivers to monitor both 14061 and 14098. 1.2KHz bandwidth. Hex beam pointed north.

14061 S0 with deep fades but audible 0200Z

14061 S1 peaking S4 0600Z

14061 S3 peaking S6 0700Z

14061 S3 peaking S5 with deep fades 0830Z

The 14098 intruder was consistently stronger over this period at times peaking S9. Causing interference to the beacons on 14100KHz.

As well another intruder, very broad bandwith, appeared on 14000 to 14003KHz, heard it 0700Z
S9 plus. Very strong with deep fades.
By 0701 it suddenly faded out like someone swung a beam. By 0730Z this intruder disappeared.

Both the 14061 and 14098 were 12 channel military type transmissions as discussed.

Nothing heard of either early this morning at 1900Z (5.00am EST). 20m dead.

Regards, Wal VK2WP

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Great - 14062 & 14098 have just been joined by a 3rd Musketeer on 14023 kHz. Dearest Russia - you have made your point. We get it that you can invade the worldwide amateur-exclusive allocations with impunity. Now, kindly go back to standard military frequencies, please!

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Yeah, comes and goes. Heard the 14.061 at good strength when I was at Mt Bindo today. No S meter on my little kit tribander.

73’s Wal VK2WP