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New in WV

Hello the name is Brad and I am interested in the outdoors and want to do some Sota activations near my QTH during winter and then come spring branch out.


Hello Brad,

Will be looking for your alerts / spots and listening for your signals on the air!


Ken, Arizona

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Hi Brad,
Welcome to SOTA! Best of luck getting your General class license as that will provide more opportunity to make many more contacts on the HF bands rather than just making local contacts. After all…we all want to work you!!

73, Brad

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That is the plan as time provides over the winter with family and such. I have a VHF HF DX 70 on the way that I had borrowed before and am now buying. but for now money is an issue with family coming first so it may be slow going. By the way, what is the best way to find out if someone is going to activate in my state without having to look everyday on sotawatch. Is there a way to set up alerts that can be sent to my phone or e-mail so that I can be a chaser too. I’m new so hard to navigate everything right now. I will get my signal out further as time, license, and equipment are obtained. looking foreword to this new avenue of the hobby as I love the outdoors. 73

Thanks. My interest is building antennas. So looking foreword to the satisfaction of making contacts on home brews. And anything to do with the outdoors is my passion.

Brad… for activity you could google “HamAlert”… you can set it up to trigger notifications for certain events… for instance I have an alert when folks activate in W3 (my home association)

For advance notice, you can scan the Alerts section on SotaWatch.

Richard // N2GBR…

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Exactly what I was trying to find. Thanks for the help