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New HB ARM v 1 .6 (question)


yesterday I´ve seen the topic by HB9TNF
about the new Swiss ARM (V.1.6)on SOTAwatch2.

Today I wondered why I could´nt find it anymore.

Now I imagine the reason must be, because topic´s on German
language cannot be seen from “non-DL´s”.

Is there any possibility to “open” those German-topic´s
also to HB9-stations?

Many tnx in advance and vy73

In reply to DL4FDM:
Hi Fritz

Yes this is possible.

Go to “Edit Account” when you are logged in to SOTAwatch and then check the subscription box on “Optional Reflectors” for “Deutsch”.

73 ES HNY Marc G0AZS

In reply to G0AZS:

Many tnx for your QRQ-answer dear Marc.

HNY es CU on the bands
Vy73 Fritz