New GM Marilyn found

No plans Andy. Just chasing Mountain Goats!!!


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I looked at and I need to do An Grianan and Creag Riabhach as well as Beinn Dearg and I think with the walk in and out that’s more than 1 days worth. So either 2x walk in / walk out and do the 3 over 2 trips . Or bivvy/camp in the area. Camping puts a big strain on what you need to carry as I need to take drugs with me etc. so it becomes easier for several people to camp at the same time and share the radio/camping gear out amongst yourselves.

Or hire a quad bike.

Och naw, nae fun in that! Just strap yerself to one of those 1000lb bomb things.:joy: But make sure its not destined for the summit as it won’t be high enough. :wink: