New Exam Pass

Well I got my results for my Full License and now have the callsign M0ZIF Hurrar, here’s looking forward to working some of you again with the new callsign


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Well done!


Brian G8ADD

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Well done Martin, the wait is not nice it took a month for me to find out my result as the RSGB were in the process of moving at the time.

Funny since i got my full licence i rarely use more than 5w! Its always there along with all the other privilages. Sean M0GIA

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I agree I rarely use more than 5w myself, I plan on keeping the old callsigns active though. After all it would be a waste otherwise wouldn’t it :smiley:

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Congratulations Martin :slight_smile:

73 Mark G0VOF

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Another one shooting up the ladder. Congrats, John G4YSS.

Congratulations Martin on getting your full licence.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Now I need to find some new exams to do, I am getting withdrawl symptoms, there again I am helping my little ones pass their exams now, My eldest Sean whom you’ve met now goes by the callsign M6IRU :slight_smile:

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Congratulaions & well done.

73 Graham G4JZF

Congatulations to Sean M6IRU for getting his foudation licence.

Jimmy M3EYP