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New EMF Is sota going to be restricted to FM handheld in the UK


Alongside the Final Decision we have published Guidance on what you should do to ensure compliance. We have also produced a simple EMF compliance flowchart which tells you whether or not you need to take action and, if you do, what action is needed.
Licensees will have the following time periods to make sure they have up-to-date records in place:
a) Until 18 November 2021 for any equipment which operates on frequencies at or above 110 MHz.
b) Until 18 May 2022 for any equipment which operates on frequencies above 10 MHz but below 110 MHz.
c) Until 18 November 2022 for any equipment which operates on frequencies at or below 10 MHz.

Will we need to Tape of areas, Have warning signs, take barriers? to keep the general public safe or simply use a rubber duck so we can be more mobile.

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Neither of those (hopefully). Do the math.




As Andy says… no. If a member of the public approaches you to enquire what you are doing, then just take a break. In many ways the situation is easier to control on a summit than at the home QTH where you probably cannot see all of your antenna installation (I can’t see any of mine from the shack). Many activators don’t use any more than 10 watts anyway, so there is minimal risk of causing any issues.

I’m not sure exactly where we stand legally if a member of the public chooses to come and sit near to us to hear QSOs in action, as has happened to me on several occasions… an explanation should suffice, but maybe we should have a disclaimer ready for them to sign? (only joking) :grinning: