New Database has no Chaser Import Option

I usually batch upload my Chaser QSO’s using the SOTA CSV Log Editor. On the old database menu there are four Submit Log options, the last one being “Import Chaser/S2S/SWL TSV/CSV” which is what I use to upload the chases. (I also use it to upload the S2S part of the Activator log created by the SOTA CSV Log Editor on my Activations).

I have started using the new menu system for the database, but it only has three Submit Log options and does not include an option for importing Chaser logs. I then switch back to the old menu system.

Will this be included in future updates of the new Database menu?


Dave, AE9Q

It’s all combined into a single entry point now. If you upload an activator log with S2S or chaser entries interspersed, it’ll automatically upload them too.