New callsign

I know there has been some other topics on this, but is there a way to change my logon name to match my new callsign?

I have change my callsign and that is OK but whenever I spot or post to the reflector I am still known as M6RWN?

I had thought of exporting my data, create a new logon and then upload the data back into the system, is there a way to drag my points with me other than that?


Chris 2E0CRZ

In reply to M6RWN:
The settings for your profile page on sotadata will allow you to change your call and keep the points without any work.
As for the reflector simply re-register with your new call.
Congraduations on passing the intermediate exam!


In reply to M6RWN:
Hi Chris

When you log on you see a grey box with your details.
1 The first is username - this is what the database knows you as - not changeable
2 The next is real name - used by hover for instance
3 Next is callsign - this should be your present callsign

2 & 3 can be changed by clicking edit in the grey box.
All your data from your old callsign will be there but will be showing callsign Used
as your old callsign.
All new entries will be showing with the new callsign.
You do not loose any previous data.

Hope this helps.

Roger G4OWG

Now I have now added a new profile for the reflector, so that solved.

I was hoping to change my user ID for the database as well but I guess I’ll just have to put up with that.

Cheers for the replies


Chris 2E0CRZ

In reply to MM0TAI:

Cheers for your congratulations



Congratulations Chris on getting your intermediate callsign.

Jimmy M3EYP