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New Associations joining SOTA today

It’s a shame we couldn’t get things up ready for you. It looked like we may be able to do that but the DB server started running poorly. That indicates several things, lots of work taking place in the host’s datacenter, hardware issues with server/switch fabric or another user is bashing the server (the way we do!) My reticence in making external changes to something which is suddenly performing different to usual is based on years of trying to not to break things more than they are broken. Anyway, all of a sudden the DB performance was back to usual and I was happy to push the updates.

Maybe we’ll get a chance to work you should you return for the contest next year. It may still be unactivated at that point although some of the UK activators who work for companies providing services on Ascension (and we can guess what they are!) are trying to get a quick work posting there so they can add ZD8 to their regions / associations activated lists!

Given the DB was behaving, I pushed a big JA update last night. Andrew VK3ARR and Toru JH0CJH know exactly how many new summits there are in the update. JA5/JA6/JA8 updates will come next year. I was going to get the OE update in place as well but the source data decided to hide itself from me. That’s now visible so, hopefully, tonight for OE to complete the December updates.

No problem. We had our hands full getting ready for contest and hiking, bike riding and exploring everything else. What a unique spot.

I have never activated or probably even worked any SOTA station. This is my introduction to the whole thing.
The purpose of the trip to Ascension was to have a fun DX contest experience. We operated the contest as ZD8W from a location close to the summit of Green Mountain - so I can tell you that this location is indeed magical. I have operated DX contests from DL, KL7, KH6, TI, PZ, W6 and from home in Colorado. The propagation from ZD8 is in a class by itself. So whoever activates ZD8 should expect big signals, lots of action and a fun time.

I am very hopeful that G4ZAO can get back down there before he retires.

About 1,225 new summits, and correct names for a bunch more (when I’m not breaking the upload for Andy :slight_smile: )

Closest summit to Tokyo is now Jinbasan (behind Takaosan), rather than Odakesan.

I take it that the DB is still playing up and prevents the OE update from being uploaded…?

73, Sylvia

No, someone hid the data from me so I couldn’t find it. Simon fixed that and I have the updates. I was looking at the update ready to load it when my sister rang me… she lives in France and was 60 the other day so we have been talking for the last 2.5 hours. Tomorrow in time for the weekend I hope…

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I pushed the new OE updates last night and forgot to say so then. So I’m saying it now!

I checked early this morning and the new summits were there! Thanks a lot!

73, Sylvia

Hi Sylvia,
I’m glad to hear about the new summits - do you have the regions and range of numbers (I presume they continue on from the number we were up to in each region?).
Tnx - got to see if I can get out and be a “first activator” of one of them HI

73 Ed.

Hi Ed,

The two regions with the highest number of new summits are SB and ST, i.e. SB-364 to SB-457 and ST-497 to ST-590, but in TI - which is probabyl most relevant for you - we filled the gaps in the references that were left for various reasons. So it’s not that straightforward. And there are 5 new summits in TL, i.e. TL-053 - TL-057. But it should all be reflected in sota mapping by now…
Good luck with your first activations!

73, Sylvia

Voi leiwand, Sylvia

thanks for this pre-xmas gift :christmas_tree:

Today I took the chance early in the morning to activate OE/TL-53. A week ago I already climbed up the same mountain, without my radio, and asked myself why this summit hasn’t yet qualified for a SOTA reference. Now I’m glad that this summit finally has found its way into the list of SOTA summits :slight_smile:

Condition were rather good for this time of the year. Only the final ridge up to the summit was covered by snow and ice. Unfortunately exactly at this passage you shouldn’t stumble because you’re very near to a very steep slope.
I’d guess conditions will become worse with the forecasted snow in the next days

73 Stephan, DM1LE


I am glad, I could be of help :wink:
Congratulations on the first activation of one of the new summits!

73, Sylvia

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Stephan, well done!

Is the red part of your fishing pole just colour or a mechanism to secure it in the earth?

Thanks! No it’s just red colour. Typically it’s enough to have guy ropes to three sides. No further fixation needed.