New Associations and Updates February 2016

Very few updates this month as the summits team are busy working on massive association updates and additions.

There have been a few border summit updates in Z3/EM and YU/IS & YU/IJ and a summit in VK4/SD has been renamed. And that is all! I think about 7 summit changes.

These are now active on the database and the ARMs are in place or being copied to the website.

We have some AM changes in NW United States. As already mentioned in the news, Paul W6PNG is taking over from Adrian N6ZA in California W6. In addition Scott W7IMC is stepping down as AM in Idaho W7I and (another) Scott, K7ZO has volunteered to take over the job.

Finally, as we still come to terms with the loss of our friend and colleague Eric KU6J, we would like to announce that Guy N7UN has joined the MT summits team. Guy was instrumental in the work in creating many of the US associations. Before his passing, Eric KU6J was working on an major update to W6 by adopting P150 (meters) instead of P500 (feet) and Guy is going to ensure he and a team of W6 volunteers ensure Eric’s update gets completed.

Please join me in thanking our outgoing AMs N6ZA and W7IMC, and welcome K7ZO, W6PNG and N7UN to the fold.

Andy, MM0FMF