New Associations and Updates 1st November 2015

My colleagues in the summits team (Peter ON4UP, Simon G4TJC, Csaba YO6PIB, Rob G0HRT) have been busy along with new and existing Association Managers in updating and verifying new associations. Tom M1EYP has just updated the database and ARMs will be uploaded soon.

So we have the following updates to existing associations:

W0D, VK2, VK5

plus the following new associations

9A (Croatia), ZL7 (Chatham Islands), ZL8 (Kermadec Islands) & ZL9 (Sub-Antartic Territories)

Please join me in welcoming our new AMs and thank everyone who has helped with the work to bring these associations in existence.


Hi Andy,

It’s interesting the ZL7,8 & 9 are in before the main part of ZL. In any case if ZL9 includes any summits on Cambell Island, I suspect we may have to wait a while for that one to be activated - it not easy to get to! (I know this as I was publicity officer for the ZL9HR DXPedition there a few years back).

Thanks, as always to everyone doing the background work.

I don’t see these new associations under the SOTAWatch Summits listing yet, but I’m sure I soon will.


There are only a few summits in these 3 associations. I think ZL is going to be in the order of 10000 summits.

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Goats dream i reckon

Good to see expansions to new parts of world.


If you think that is a lot, Karl, just wait until Alaska goes live!

Not too long, now!


Yes KL7 and ZL should add something in the order of 30000 summits.

Wonder how long it will be before Denali gets activated?

That’ll be the first of the “Seven Summits” that can be activated for SOTA. The “Seven Summits” are the high points on each continent. The most often quoted list is.
Aconcagua, Everest, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Denali, Puncak Jaya, Vinson

(Although there is some argument about Australasia with Kosciuszko VK2/SM-001 as a possible candidate if you only pick the “mainland” Australia for this continent. Also Europe with Mont Blanc F/AB-001).

Which then leads on to wondering when all the “Seven Summits” will be in SOTA… big job for someone to do!

And someone who doesn’t “get it” will complain that you only 10pts for Everest.

EDIT: maybe you can get a 3pt bonus for not using bottled oxygen?

Ha ha ha ha… love it.

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Might be sooner than you think. In emailing with some KL7 friends, 2m HTs have been taken on ascents of Denali by some climbing teams. We’ll see…


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lousy place to realise you left your aerial in the car!


ROTFLMBO :smile:

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I, my wife and our daughter made the ascent to the western summit of Elbrus in 2012. I took a transceiver Yaesu FT-60, but left it on the saddle between the eastern and western peaks because of poor health.
I hope to activate this beautiful mountain in case. :улыбка:


ZL North & South Islands will take a little while yet - like Andy says there’s a lot to check.

9A looks really nice. As well as the inland mountain ranges I am struck by the large number of island summits. How long till somebody does an island-hoping SOTA / IOTA expedition - what better way to spend a couple of weeks in the summer than cruising the Adriatic with a SOTA station? :smiley:

It’s all come through into Sotawatch and onto Rob’s mapping site now. Have fun!

Closer to 5,000 - North Island about 1100, South Island about 3,750.

ZL7 is readily accessible, ZL8 and ZL9 are going to need serious permit work, unless you’re unlucky enough to be on a round-the-world ocean race and get shipwrecked on either Auckland or Campbell Islands, yet lucky enough to manage to salvage your SOTA gear from your yacht :wink:

Ah, I’ve added 1100 and 3750 together to get 5000 or so then added 5000 to 1100 and 3750 to get 10000 or so. Still 5000 is enough as some will be “challenging”.

I think we are going to have to stop adding summits. There are more fab summits in GM alone that I will probably never do without us adding more. Then there’s all the US summits and Hawaii and Australia and islands in the Pacific never mind plain old Europe. Plus some great lookiing countryside in RA9. Then there’s Japan. We haven’t even touched South America. And there are all these great looking island summits in 9A. I haven’t got enough money or time to sample a tiny fraction of them!

Oh why wasn’t SOTA around when I was first licenced at 14 - so much to do and only my retirement years to do it in.

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Yes we have! VP8 is SA! Just a fingerhold but the rest will follow in time.


It’s not quite the same league as say Chile though.

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Well you don’t have a top division if you don’t have a bottom division! :wink:

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