New association VK1 - Canberra - starts 1st Feb 20

A new SOTA Association in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) commences SOTA operations on 1st Feb. The ACT is the location of Canberra the federal capital. A few activations are planned right on the dot of 0000 UTC which happens to be 11AM local time in Canberra. There are 43 summits in VK1, ranging from 782m to 1913m ASL. The area is roughly 550 to 600m ASL. We gave the local club a presentation about SOTA and interest is reasonably good so far. While a lot of SOTA activity is on 7 MHz so far, we will encourage activators to seek dx contacts on the higher bands.

Looking forward to working into Europe occasionally from our summits.


So that’s the odd-numbered VK regions almost covered… :wink:

73, Rick M0LEP (hoping to get some time as VK6/M0LEP later this year…)