New 70cms Beacon

Finningley Radio Club, have just commisioned their new 70cms beacon GB3FNY. The beacon is located at Sandtoft, not too far from Doncaster. It’s currently transmitting about 2 watts on 432.445Mhz ssb. I understand this will be increased to 25 Watts, shortly. The best reported DX so far is Devon.


Do you know the locator and beam heading?

Hi Barry,

The only information I have is, horizontally polarised into a “Big Wheel” antenna.

Locator IO93nn Beam Heading 66.6 Degrees

Thanks Mike, aimed at the continent.
Will have a listen for it later in the week

Big Wheel antenna with a beam heading??


Do they lick spanners as well as chewing hammers? :wink:

But to the actual subject… a new beacon on 70cms is to be welcomed even if it doesn’t point my way. Brings back memories of this time of year 1991 when I installed my first beam for 70cms having bought a MM 144>432 transverter. Twiddle, tweak, turn and there was GB3MLE from Emley Moor. Ah, those were the days when there was little RF noise on the bands.