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Never seen one of these before.

An albino deer !


The albino deer images I’ve got after googleing “albino deer” are of much more white deers than this one you’ve seen and posted here.


Perhaps it needs a wash? :slight_smile:


Did you notice the color of her eyes?

I’ve seen albino deer, both red and roe, but only at deer parks. Never in the wild. Probably an albino faun would be easily predated in the wild. I’ve also seen what I can only describe as a blond red deer.

Actually it is probably a piebald deer not albino. Yes Brian, they are predated very quickly in the wild. This one is in the new deer farm at the foot of Hart Fell GM/SS-037.

Once saw a albino red deer stag in a deer farm near Balquidder. No doubt will be venison sausages by now!

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