Never asume

Been on 14285 listening out for Antonio EA2AG/p 
But hearing what I believe is IZ2YMF/p on I/LO-??? certainly was not Antonio for sure.

Goes to prove double check to which Sota your talking too as it seems there on same freq. I made it through to the Italian Sota station as he came up and try to confirm his call. But the propagation fell again and lost him so could not confirm his call let alone the Sota ID.

Propagation gods are teasing today for sure


I do not work this weekend frequency 14,285 sorry I was not transmitting.


Just double checking me logs.
Yes your right the freq was 14300 and not 14285.
Sorry about that but there was an Italian on your freq at time could not hear your good self, but could just hear the Italian sota, yet could not catch his full Sota Ref.

But again it still pays to make sure whom you are working on band when reading on spotting page for the Italian Sota never got spotted on Sota watch. I did mange to reach him but when it came to the Exchange of the reports QSB killed it off and could no confirm his call or Sota number other wise would have Spotted it me self.

Thanks for popping up and correcting me there