Need some help with DXKeeper


Until now I was only SOTA activator, using FastLogEntry to convert my paper log to adif then tools to convert log to SOTA csv and check for mistakes.

Now I’m starting also as a chaser and trying to use DXKeeper to log chased summits but also some digital modes (JT65).

I’ve created 2 user field: SOTA_REF and MY_SOTA_REF and will add there the info, but I’ve notice that when export to adif the field is "<APP_DXKeeper_USER_DEFINED_0:9>OE/VB-511 " Is there any way to rename it to SOTA_REF ? or using other tool to convert/upload adif to SOTA database?

Also, where should i specify “/P” when I activate summits ?

Sorry for the silly questions, but any help from someone that uses DXKeeper is really apreciated.


Hello Petronel, when operating under another call eg. /P or under a SES call. You put the revised call on the line of these:
So if I was operating /P under Auxiliary - you enter that call.

As regards your question about the fields I will have a play around this weekend and let you know.
Bye for now

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Thanks Mike,

I found that I can also change the Default Station Callsign in Config, so I don’t need to add /P to every QSO I enter. I wasn’t sure which one I should change to /P, Station/Operator/Owner, but now it is clear.

How do you upload your QSOs from DXKeeper to SOTA database?


Hi Petronel, I never have uploaded files to SOTA because for me it is easier to enter half a dozen chases at the end of my day rather than then fiddle around. I suppose if you have a lot of contacts it might be worthwhile. I enter the summit reference in the QTH box on the logging page.

Have you checked the options on the DXKeeper ‘Export QSO’s’ tab?

I only use the export tab to generate a ADIF file. then select the date(s) via TQSL software for upload to LOTW.


Petronel, You’ll find a list of SOTA software at Christophe’s web site:

There are several utilities that will perform conversion from ADIF to SOTA-CSV format that you can then upload. Also there is an online CVS<>ADIF converter at the same web site.

Hello Petronel,

I also use DXKeeper, and while chasing, I find it easier to use that will only show me what I want to see and automatically excludes the spots for the activators/summits I already contacted during the day.

At the end of the day, I just convert the log created by SOTAwatchFilter to ADIF with SOTA2ADIF and import it in DXKeeper.

If only it was that easy for the other awards schemes :wink:


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I too use DXKeeper as my main log, but I do not directly enter SOTA QSO’s (either as chaser or activator) in DXKeeper.

I maintain different QTH settings in DXKeeper for each location I operate from, so that it puts in the correct Locator etc, then when I import an ADIF of QSO’s I make sure to set both the Station Callsign and QTH ID using the Substitution options on DXKeepers Import QSOs tab.

I have also created some SQL Query Filters (click Adv on DXKeepers Log QSOs tab) so that I can filter shown QSO’s by various fields, using filters such as:

MYQTHID LIKE "<filtertextbox>"
NAME LIKE “<filtertextbox>”

(there are supposed to be asterisks between the " and the < or > in the above but the reflector doesn’t want to show them).

Also unless the ADIF’s you import have frequency information you might also want to create and use a script to set the Frequency at a given value for each band like:

Filter (Freq=0) and (Band=‘2m’)
Modify Freq 144.300

Stewart G0LGS

I need to figure out how to add new filter buttons and how to use scripts…


I used DXKeeper too,…it has more functionality and controls than a “spacecraft” …

I use Saisie to log my activator and chaser contacts and then import to the Sota database and option to import to my main log in DXKeeper… although have not figured yet how to track/log the summit info.
I will have a look at it this weekend,…

73 Angel

Hi Ángel,
I do similar to you, logging either chasing or activating contacts with SAISIE SOTA, then uploading the CSV file to SOTA DATABASE and the ADIF to my Logger32 logging program.
When I import the activation ADIF file produced by SAISIE SOTA into my Logger32 program, the activated SOTA reference goes directly to the COMMENTS field, but I haven’t yet managed to get the chased SOTA reference to the QTH field, which is where I manually write it (in fact I copy from SAISIE and paste it into Logger32)
I recently read here about a new version of Logger32 with new SOTA fields and management features but I must confess that I haven’t yet felt in the mood to go there and upgrade my current version, because I vaguely remember it was kind of tedious the last time I did it.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Hello All,
I use DXKeeper.
I first log the Qso with SAISIE_SOTA (the last update is fabulous).
Then i upload the CSV file from Saisie_Sota to the Database, and
import the ADI file into DXkeeper…
I have set some parameters (only once) and now all is OK.
If some one is interested just ask.
Gerald F6HBI

Hi Gerald,
If you read again my post you’ll find that I don’t use DXKeeper, but Logger32. It’s Ángel M0HDF who wrote in the previous post that he uses DXKeeper.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Hi Gerald,
I and probably others would be interested to know how you have set it up.

I was using FLE but wasn’t aware about SAISIE_SOTA. I like very much the fast log entry feature. Is there a way to set the activation time or interpolate times when entering QSOs from a paper log?


Alain’s program (SAISIE_SOTA) is amazing !!!

I can setup fields as MY_SOTA_REF and SOTA_REF then in DXK i have 2 user defined fields with same names.
Then on Import QSO tab on DXK if you check “Import unrecognized fields” it will import both field in the respective user defined fields if the label match. You can also create a myQTH for each activation if you want and use the substitute option…

Now I’m trying to do that and import each of my past activations on DXKeeper. I have only 24 activations :smile:



Hi Angel,Sorry for late answer, I have been busy.
Petronel just give the right explanation, i proceed like him.
I will put some screenshot to show my config, tomorrow, i am out for a sota in Italia, do that will be on friday.
73 to all and cu CW from I/LG-303 and 304.

I use FLE too, adding later my own ref with a editor macro, and saving others’ references into COMMENTS adif field, and translating it later with ADI2SOTA. Not a very optimized procedure, but until last SAISIE SOTA changes, I found FLE the fastest way to type the multiple QSOs made during an activation. Now I am thinking on changing…
73, Mikel

Hello all,
as usual i am in a hurry… between 2 summits climb and activations.
I made some screen shoots for DXkeeper;
First click on leaf “Import Qso” and tick the box as shown.

Then try to do that.

following by that

hope at the end you can get this result when import adi file from SAISIE_SOTA

73 from Gerald F6HBI


You will see from the pictures below I have been making some changes to my DXKeeper (V12.8.7) to see how it would handle the SOTA_REF and MY_SOTA_REF ADIF fields.

The first picture shows how to setup the User Items Tab - Note the ‘extra’ ADIF column with tick boxes enabled:

Whilst the second shows how to get those fields to be shown on the main logging page:

Having just imported a few recent Chaser entries (exported from my SOTA CSV Log Editor) you can see it shows the references.

Now I just have to re-load all my SOTA Logs and de-dupe the entries in the log to make them all appear - that will another day when I’m feeling a bit like a taking on another Challenge.

Stewart G0LGS

Tnx Stewart for this info. I just update my Dxkeeper (from 12.8.5 to 12.8.7) and now the tick-box ADIF in the “configuration Windows” just appears.
73 from Gerald F6HBI