Nearest summit to Runswick Bay

What is the nearest summit to Runswick Bay, if any.

HI Ken

I don’t know where Runswick Bay is but have you tried this link from the top of the page? It will probably answer your question.

73 Marc G0AZS

Thanks Marc
Runswick Bay is just up from Whitby,
Thanks for the reply.

G/TW-003 Gisborough Moor Ken. See summits page for access info.

73 G4OBK
Area Manager G/TW Region

Thanks Phil
We are up there soon.
Much appreciated.
Thanks Ken

Hi Ken,
As Phil says TW003 is the closest however TW-001 and TW-002 are not so much further and those two are easily “do-able” in one day (at a push you could activate all three).

The track up to G/TW-002 starts at the Lord Stones Cafe which has some nice food.

73 Ed.

Thanks for the info Ed, much appreciated.
Cheers Ken