Congrats to Walt, NE4TN, who just hit 75,000 chaser points.
Way to go!



Congratulations, Walt !
de W5GDW Gary

Congrats Walt…we worked today so maybe…in a small way, I helped!!

Hi Hi…

So congrats and thanks for all of the caser Q’s over the years…75,000 points…wow



Congratulations, Walt! That’s a lot of points…requiring real effort and dedication on your part!

Dave, AE9Q

Way to go Walt ! Congratulations on your 75K achievement. Wishing you continued health and success in these times. Stay safe. 73 de Scotty

Congratulations, yesterday, you were my first ever CW contact on SOTA.

Wow that is a LOT of chasing!

Thanks for all the QSO’s including one today.


Keith KR7RK

Awsum accomplishment Walt!.. and thanks for calling me today on Cat Balsam.
Scott kw4jm

Way to go, Walt. I have been watching your score and knew it would be soon. Congratulations from both Liz and me!

Ron and Liz,

Outstanding Walt. That takes a lot of time in front of the radio to make that many contacts. Congrats and keep on chasing.

Gary A. - W0MNA

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Congratulations Walt. Great job.
73, Charlie - KØLAF

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Congrats Walt, that’s a big accomplishment! Thanks for including my activations in your total!

73, Andy, N4LAG

Congratulations Walt! Bob AC1Z

Hey Walt, you’re an inspiration to the SOTA community; thanks for helping us hill climbers make our four required contacts; it’s nice hearing your TN station way out here in the West!
73, Woody K1LB


congrats Walt quite an achievement

Bob ku4r

I’ll add my congratulations here too, and thanks for many great & helpful chases of your Northern neighbors. 73,

I am in awe. Thank you for all the times you have chased my activations, always great to hear your call in the pile. Congratulations!

73 Paula k9ir

That’s fantastic Walt, congratulations. Thanks for all the chases and I hope many more to come.

Malcolm VE2DDZ

Walt, I’ll add my congratulations as well. As a late chaser that is a total I can only dream about. Continued success. Tom

Thank you @NE4TN for all your work and all the chases you have provided me on my summits. I have you in my log on just about every summit - much appreciated, best wishes & 73

David - KM3A