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NaSota Winter S2S Weekend


The Annual North America Winter Summit to Summit Weekend will be from sunrise East coast time on February 7th to sunset West coast time on the 8th. Listen for 15 or more operators playing in the snow. DX sota stations welcome, too.

Elliott, K6EL


Watch out for us chasers if the band opens



Hi Karl,

Going by the difficulty of all but the big EU stations to contact the K1N DXpedition, I suspect conditions EU<-> US at the moment are not good! Apparently there’s a lot of solar activity at the moment.

But we can only hope …

73 Ed.


17:00hrs utc

Lot of Transatlantic Propagation traffic on 10m this evening.

Listening out for the US Sotas



I’m impressed watching the stream of spots coming from NA chasers and activators. I hope to get out tomorrow so will be looking for an S2S if possible.


What a fun day! I had my all-time best day of chasing today. The best part is that I got to do it from a summit. 22 S2Ss for 107 points! And that was all on SSB no less. 10 meters was a nice surprise this morning too. Lots of good DX in the logs. A big thanks to all the activators and chasers out there today.

73, pat - KI4SVM

W4C/WM-047 - Toxaway Mtn, North Carolina


… unsurprisingly a perfect opportunity to ramp up one’s s2s score.

Congrats Elliott on achieving s2s Platinum Award (5000 points), well done!

73 gl, Heinz HB9BCB


18:00hrs ut
Grey line opening to west coast USA here in SW UK on 10M



Thanks, Heinz. I’m more surprised by 220 summit to summit points in one day than by the platinum award. I didn’t mean to blow past the 5,000 point s2s threshold by several hundred points in a few hours, but one can’t argue with statistics. I note that some of your points, and some of mine, came from working each other summit to summit.

Now we have a gang of three platinum s2s holders, one Swiss, one American and one Czechian (who did all of his on 2-meter FM). See you on the bands.

Elliott, K6EL
Metallic Dude


Awesome work on the S2S weekend guys. I’m playing catch up here today and snagging all the chaser points I can hear/work. Finally got power restored after a 26hr outage due to some wind gusts knocking over a couple of pine trees (shallow root systems) up here in NorCal into the power lines. Lived up here for almost 21yrs now and can honestly say this is the longest outage I can recall. Was going to fire up the genny, but decided to save the fuel and just relax and listen to the sounds of the falling rain :wink:

Can’t complain as we really do need this moisture…

Todd KH2TJ
Occupied Territories of eastern Plumas county


Had mild case of the flu so couldn’t get out. Bloody flu vaccine this year doesn’t work very well! Hopefully we will have the spring NA SOTA event this year too…73! Hal N6JZT