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NASOTA Spring Activity Weekend

I know SOTA in N. America has grown leaps in popularity in the past few years, but with the approaching Activity Weekend, it seems there is scant info about the event online and almost no publicity. Are we dropping the ball in this regard? Seems there should be more ‘buzz’ leading up… but maybe that’s just me.

Not sure. I’m primarily interested in the QRPTTF event on Saturday and I’m surprised at the seeming lack of interest this year compared to the last 3 years.

Barry N1EU

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The ‘buzz’ is probably wearing off due to all round increased activity.

Activity days on this side of the pond used to be popular but now there’s so much activity, even on weekdays, that there’s little to be gained from a special event.

It’s International Marconi Day (and St George’s Day) on Saturday so I expect the bands will be carrying plenty of traffic.

Good luck!

73, Colin

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Was hoping for a lot more S2S possiblities, but right now posted activity alerts seem to be minimal. Maybe things will fill in (explode!) by Saturday… I hope.

As a Full time Chaser here in W4V Every weekend is a SOTA Weekend for me.
Bands has not been good but it there is a spot and I can here the station
I will be trying to work them.
Dow (W4DOW)
Chaser in W4V

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If posted activity alerts don’t pick up, I might cancel my plans and operate as a QRPTTF field station near home. I didn’t even get a single response from my post to the QRP-L reflector.

Barry N1EU

I haven’t heard a heckuva lot of chatter about QRPTTF either this year. Maybe some of the attention is being drawn away by NPOTA…

That’s a bit of irony. This year the theme of QRPTTF is NPOTA so folks are either supposed to do a SOTA or NPOTA activation. So you’d think there’s be at least a tiny bit of buzz on either the NASOTA or QRP-L forums.

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Wait until friday nite. I know couple VE2 will hike. I was going for but my area, theres still lots snow, and forecast is -5 C. This event is too early for me.

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Chris, the NA SOTA Spring Weekend is the upcoming weekend? April 23-24? I don’t recall seeing it posted on the Reflector before now. But I will be in the hills somewhere on Saturday for SOTA and QRPTTF. Just don’t expect an alert from me until Saturday morning, I like to keep my options open! :grinning:

73, pat - KI4SVM

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Sounds great, they’re starting to come out of the woodwork :wink:

Pat, I posted it to both NASOTA and QRP-L today and zilch response.

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I’m sure as we get closer to the weekend and weather forecasts become more reliable, more alerts will start to pop up. I can’t speak for other activators, but I rarely post an alert more than 24 hours in advance.

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Iffen I’m not working, I’ll be out and about - somewhere’s :wink:

I just came back from a weekend down at the Visalia DX convention and spent a couple extra days activating Sequoia Kings National parks for NPOTA. I can tell you, without putting out any alerts, the Q’s were slow coming. Plus, it didn’t help that the bands were totally dead, dying, or killed off by lack of sunspots. I think like most, I’ll wait until I know for sure before I post an alert…

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If all holds, I will be camping overnite Sat/Sun on W2/GC-115 Red Hill in the Catskill Mountains. Will probably hike up late morning and set up camp prior to getting on the air. Estimate QRV mid-afternoon and available to work again after 0000z for more points.

Alert postings increasing. Mainly PNW. Any East Coasters?

we’ll have to wait and see if the last minute alerts materialize Saturday morning

There are a few alerts appearing for NA stations now Barry. I intend to be out on Sunday looking for S2S contacts but whether the propagation will be good, I don’t know. I probably wont be able to get out Saturday. Fairly widespread snow predicted for my part of Scotland Saturday evening/Sunday morning so that may limit things for me but I’m hoping it will melt quickly.

This looks like well worth making the effort to chase as CU stations are normally very good signals in this part of the world.

Saturday: 14:30 CU3HF/P on CU/SM-009 - 7-cw,10-cw,14-cw
First activation of the summit; Time aprox: Wx contingent

Best of luck to all who partake.


As mentioned, there are a number of activations planned for tomorrow in WA and OR. Some will be vhf only ( or 40m) with a goal of PNW S2S action. Others of us will add in 20m or ?
The weather is a wild card. It is raining off and on today in western OR. Shower probabilities tomorrow range up to 70%. This could impact things. I might stay on 2m FM if it rains (hate to subject my KX3 to the water). Some may cancel if it is too wet. Hope to see you all.

Phil, NS7P.

Regretfully I am not able to get out on a summit tomorrow here in Arizona.

HOWEVER…NJ7V has alerts out for three 10 point peaks, and WB7ENX is also out on a summit tomorrow.

Myself, I will be home part of the day chasing when possible.

c u guys/gals tomorrow.