Nantwich tomorrow (Sunday)

A reminder that SOTA has a stand at the Nantwich (MIDCARS) show tomorrow.

Hope to see some SOTA friends tomorrow.


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May be able to meet you hopefully tom Dave M3XIE

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Easy to spot me tomorrow chaps! Only bloke with one and six year olds in tow I’d have thought!

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That was me at rallies - er, 14 years ago…

I may have my 20 and 15 year olds with me on the stand tomorrow, but both have reserved the right to have a lie-in instead. In which case it be M1EYP and Jack Jones. Therefore any passing help from fellow SOTA participants to look after the stand for a few minutes here and there in passing would be more than welcome.

On sale tomorrow we have the last of the 2012 batch of SOTA rally merchandise. We should be replenished with a fabulous set of stock for Norbreck, Blackpool in April (and all items can be ordered directly from the SOTA Shop - link above - any time).

Available tomorrow, I have the following:

1 grey medium sweatshirt
1 grey large T-shirt
1 black medium T-shirt
Lots of SOTA window/car stickers
6 large SOTA bumper/guitar case stickers
Lots of SOTA enamel badges

Think I might also show off my new portable radio and antenna system!

73, Tom M1EYP

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Good day! Great to (albeit briefly) chat to you today Tom and grab the little one a SOTA badge.

Mike seemed to be doing a cracking trade from his ‘all portable power’ stall and I was surprised how busy it was in there.

I don’t do many radio shows these days (‘cus of kids an’ all) - I guess the next one I’ll be at is Newark.

Cheers chaps,


Norbreck (Blackpool) is always very well worth attending. Always the best show for the SOTA stand (2/3/4 deep all the way across for the first 3 hours), and the traditional annual “meet” for SOTA participants.

And Audrey’s cakes… mmmm

Real pleasure to meet loads of SOTAists today. Many introduced themselves to me as meeting me for the first time, but what with contacts in various modes, reflector discussion and emails, it rarely feels that way!


Generation game style memory test. Apologies to anyone I leave out, but I am rubbish at such tests. Without Jimmy, I am hopeless at details. Please reply to the thread if I miss you out (or miss some details - some are a bit sketchy)!

OK, thanks to all the following SOTA participants I had the pleasure of meeting today at the SOTA stand at the Radio-Active show in Nantwich:

Helen GW7AAU
Steve GW7AAV
Russ M6RGF
John M6BLV
Derek G4XEE
Mickey 2E0YYY
Dave M3XIE
Edward 2E0NSR
Emily 2E1AEQ
Saskia M6POE
Steve M6FTV
Eleri MW3NYR
Greg M0TXX
Andy M1BYH
Adrian G4AZS
2 lads (both 2E0 I think) who have activated some SP and NW summits.
Steven 2W0JYN
Roydan M0LEX
Andy M1LOL

…and plenty more! Please reply if I’ve missed you. (Now I know why Rob and Audrey always bring a prepared guestbook to the stand at Blackpool…).


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Now I know why Rob and Audrey always bring a prepared guestbook to the stand at Blackpool…

Hopefully “The Victors” will sign it and meet up with you Tom (&others).


Victor GI4ONL

Looking forward to it Victor. As you are no doubt aware, SOTAing in GI is a passion of mine and M0HGY’s, so we’ll have plenty to discuss.

I’ll start a new thread re Norbreck.


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Hi Tom

Saskia M6POE & myself were pleased to meet you & we will definitely begin\carry on chasing & I may well become an activator as we discussed, when I am doing my hill-walking training.


Steve M6FTV