NA Sota Weekend - video from VE2/LR-002

Hi, Folks.

Here’s a video of Jean VE2JCW/P and Martin VA3SIE/VE2/P from our activation of Mont Tremblant (the ‘trembling mountain’), VE2/LR-002 this past Saturday. Many thanks to all the summits we had summit-to-summit contacts with and all the chasers who were out there chasing us, we had tremendous fun and it wouldn’t have been possible without you all.

I can’t wait for next year !!!


In reply to VA3SIE:
Nice video congrats and many thanks for the contact and summit-point. It was my first summit-contact oversea.
73 cuagn

In reply to HB9CMI:

Hi, Peter.

I am glad that you enjoyed the video.

SOTA is fun!


In reply to VA3SIE:

Nice Video! well done.

Good day all around :smiley: