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NA SOTA (video)

SOTA Folks, This is my ‘last’ video.

Goats and I have decided to take a break from video production for a while. This may be hard to believe but I spend anywhere from 30-60hrs per video on the editing alone. This doesn’t include the time for planning, shooting and recording audio etc. A kin to building a complex QRP rig. Lots of focused hours on details towards a single goal. I’m not complaining just stating facts. Anyone who’s done a rich media presentation knows the drill well and what a time sink visual media is!

I usually do the editing in a couple marathon days or more …cause it’s such addictive and fun process and for me it’s hard to pull up and stop! Despite my wife’s complaints that I’m literally out of touch for days!

However this last video took me almost more than 2-weeks because my heart wasn’t into to it. The learning cure on the editing software has been steep and challenging …and fun. I guess I’m now looking for the next challenge?

So I think it’s time after 80 some videos to go chop wood, do some XC skiing or ice fishing? Anyway we’ll be back but after a long break. Donno when but need some time to get the fire back!

HOWEVER! SOTA is tops on my list! We’ll continue to hike summits and do SOTA!

Cheers, Steve …wGØAT/R&P

In reply to WG0AT:

Sad to hear that you have made this decision. Your videos are very popular, in fact your goats are Internet superstars now. I am sure you will be back sooner or later. Truth is that short sweet clips can be as interesting as a full blown production so maybe you could do a few tasty short clips and save the full blown Hollywood production for the most special outings only.

Personally my first thought watching a SOTA video is does it show the route? This is so if I do that summit I know what to look for and what to expect. Then did I contact this activator and is my contact on there. Then to see beautiful scenery and the last reason is the entertainment value. Some of the productions people are making are very entertaining, but raw badly shot, unedited video can be as useful as anything.

Steve GW7AAV http://sotatv.wordpress.com/

In reply to WG0AT:

Well the video takes a lot of band width and time compared to the few CW QSOs it tells about :slight_smile: I have not been following the new SOTA videos recently, since that would take too much of my time. I am just having a look on the photos from time to time.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to WG0AT:

Thanks for that. I’ve enjoyed your videos, and was amused to see that R&P didn’t seem to be doing pack-carrying duty this time. They’ve got you trained. :wink: How many goat houses do R&P eat their way through in an average year? :wink:

In reply to M6LEP:

I fully agree with Steve, it is time consuming.

Thanks a million times for such great time and videos you made … and may make again later. Sometimes in life, a pause, no matter its duration, is the best thing to do.

You made many hams to try and love QRP, like me. I wish you all the best in future projects and will always open ears for you.



In reply to WG0AT:
Thanks for all the video’s Steve…perhaps a reality show called “The Three Amigo’s” featuring your adventures with Rooster ansd Peanut could be in the future ??? At least then you’d have a production crew and a paycheque!

Take care 73 Mike VA6FUN

In reply to WG0AT:


Thank you for all the hard work you put into your videos. They have provided hours of enjoyment and I definately learned a few things as well!

If it wasn’t for your videos I wouldn’t be enjoying QRP portable ops as I do today or interested in SOTA.

I hope to work you one day while I am out QRP.

Take good care,


Hi Steve,

Great video.

Sorry to hear that you won’t be able to any more SOTA videos.

HOWEVER! SOTA is tops on my list! We’ll continue to hike summits and do SOTA!

Good to hear that you enjoy SOTA and that you continue to activate some more SOTA summits.

I’ve noticed that you still need to enter your activation logs onto the database from your last 3 SOTA activations!

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to WG0AT:

Thank you for the very nice video. I have had a lot of fun watching your video a few minutes ago. I hope, that you will find some time to make a new one in the future, after a break.

73 Lutz DL3SBA

In reply to WG0AT:

Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Inspiration and a good laugh are both hard to come by and you have given a large share of both to many.

SOTA in the US has gained much from your participation, and we’ll all be listening for your signals, OG.

Now to tease The Muses with string-ed pursuits…