NA SOTA 2017 Calendar

I updated the proposed major NA SOTA dates for 2017. This also sets a stake in the ground for the NA SOTA Spring Activity Weekend. Also note a unique, once in a SOTA-lifetime, SOTA operating event for the Aug 21st Great American Total Solar Eclipse (“SOTA GATSE?”).

Jan 21-22rd: NA SOTA Winter Activity Weekend + ARRL Jan VHF Contest
Apr 22-23: North America SOTA Spring Activity Weekend + QRPTTF Spring Event (Apr 22)
Jun 10-11: NA SOTA Summer Activity Weekend + ARRL June VHF Contest
Jul 16-17: SOTA optional date + CQ WW VHF Contest
Aug 5-6: NA SOTA Rocky Mtn Rendezvous + Colorado 14er Event + W7 SOTA Activity Weekend + ARRL UHF (222MHz+) Contest
Aug 21: SOTA and the Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 2017. See for details.
Sept 9-10: NA SOTA Fall Activity Weekend + ARRL Sept VHF Contest

These SOTA events were the same for 2016 and seemed to work for folks and does NOT preclude other Association events that can be planned. If there are questions, let’s discuss.



Thanks Guy for this info.
I sur to be there for the QRPTTF and other even on HF band.
Here in Quebec, nobody is interested in VHF-UHF. Note that this is also the case in HF. We are at the most about forty active amateurs during the contest.
Cuagn 73 de VA2VL, VE2JFM

Some folks have asked what this proposed event is. If you look at the eclipse website, the full eclipse takes about a 100 mi swath across the US, from Oregon to South Carolina. I think it might be in the “unique and fun” category to orchestrate a SOTA operating event…for instance, activations inside the eclipse zone, including eclipse zone S2S opportunities.

The idea is in the planning stages…nothing firm at this point. Just a placeholder on the SOTA calendar…


Any thoughts from the western side of the pond as to when we should hold another NA<>EU S2S event? I seem to recall early May might be a reasonable time.

Gerald G4OIG

Early may sounds good to me Gerald

Please not on May 6th/7th 2017

Early May at the peak of the sunspot cycle works for me. Wake me at the appropriate time, unless we are headed into another Maunder Minimum. In that case, please renew my license for me or ask Donald Trump for one of his special Republican exemptions.

Speaking of that, a well known sportsman with the ladies asked me how to avoid falling in love with them. I told the bounder to date only Republican women, assuming there are any left. :sleeping:

Elliott, K6EL

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Looking forward to these NA SOTA events as they are an excellent occasion to work S2S.
Can’t wait for the warmer temperatures to arrive so i can get out of hibernation and on to the mountains !
Thanks for the update Guy.


This EU window might just work out. By May California will be a a new DXCC country so W6’s be in demand!


Ditto - NA-SOTA folk, please don’t forget the planned but not yet executed (I think) NA-VK S2S SOTA event as well.


Edit: reference to previous thread:

Yes, I am very interested in the NA/VK event but I haven’t heard much about it lately.

Anybody have any info on this?



Thanks Guy. Count me in for the QRPTTF for sure. I’ll have to see about the other dates, I am sometimes otherwise occupied during VHF+ events.
73 Malcolm VE2DDZ