N7CW W7A's latest Mtn GOAT

Congratulations go to to Bud, N7CW, for becoming the latest Arizona Mountain GOAT.

Bud achieved the GOAT milestone today (June 2nd) with his 101st activation, the fewest activations to reach 1000 points for any Arizona GOAT.

Bud is Mountain GOAT # 6 for W7A.

Well done Bud!

I’m looking forward to getting together to commemorate your achievement.


W7A manager


Congratulations Bud. Thanks for all the activator and chaser QSO’s.

73 Rich N4EX

Well Done, Bud!
Looking for you on the bands. (especially 60M!)
Ken, K6HPX


Welcome to the herd! Congratulations!
Thanks for all you contacts!



congratulations Bud. I can blame you for this pleasant diversion. It was an honor to work you on Y

Well done Bud! Congrats. es BAA

72, Dan NA6MG

Congrats Bud !
1000 points with only 101 activations makes for a very good average of 9.93 !
All 10 and 8 point summits. Excellent !

73 :wink:

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Congratulations Bud on achieving Mountain Goat in 101 SOTA activations.

Jimmy M0HGY

Hearty Congratulations, Bud! Always good to work you from a new Summit!
Well on your way to 2X Mountain Goat!

73, and be safe!

Chuck - KA5PVB

Congratulations, Bud. Glad to work you yesterday (Goat Day!)

Walt NE4TN

Great job Bud! Always a pleasure to work you.

Randy, ND0C

Congratulations Bud! Quite an achievement! Sorry I missed an S2S with you yesterday but at least I did get you in the log on your first day as MG!

73, Keith KR7RK

Congrats Bud, Great to hear you on the peaks 73 Bill

Congratulations Bud. I was happy to have found you yesterday and make the S2S on your final summit to Goatdom. A hearty BAA from So Cal.

Yes Bud, congratulations. I must have been doing my workout so missed you. Thanks also for integrating the suggested 5.3 QRG in your activations. Plan to see you next week.
Tom NQ7R

Way to go, you old goat, Bud. Heard you on a number of your activations, but failed to work you. Sure enjoyed my short stay and knowing you in Prescott a couple of years ago. Ron K7RJ

Awesome job, Bud!! Congratulations on a great achievement!

Way to go Bud and congrats on the Goat status. Thanks for all the SOTA contacts and hope to work you on many more.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congratulations Bud.
Charlie NJ7V

Congrats Bud! It’s great to see all the serious activators in Arizona. Thanks for all the contacts.

73, Brad