N6VDR on Mt Shasta calling CQ SOTA

I just worked Adrian N6VDR 14060

Steve wG0AT

I’ve noticed that Adrian N6VDR’s activation of W6/CC-001 makes Adrian the first person in W6 to achieve 100 activator points, congratulations Adrian on this achievement.

Jimmy M3EYP

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As well as, to my knowledge, the highest SOTA activation to date on W6/SN-001.

Strong show, OB.


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Thanks to all of you. I am having fun and SOTA has got me out far more than before. Mt Shasta was definitely the most fun I have had on an activation (apart from the lack of sleep at the trailhead due to inconsiderate people). I had never done snow travel requiring crampons and ice axe before. The glissade down was incredible fun too. YouTube can be a great teacher :slight_smile:
I was very happy to work Steve wG0AT over in Colorado. Sorry to have missed you Stu. You were there prefectly readable and then gone.
Apologies to all for the poor CW. Hopefully it will improve with use, unlike many other things…like my knees!

73, Adrian.

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Your photo of you on Mt. Eddy with Mt. Shasta in the background is fantastic. It’s bound to become a SOTA classic.


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Totally agree. Awesome!

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Congrats Adrian on 100 points as an activator!!! I missed you on the 23rd as I was working…your CW is just fine for me as I’m a rookie at that mode and learning! Could someone post a link to the photo everyone is talking about???


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Click photo at the top and browse.

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