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N6JZT new CA Mountain Goat!

Congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat Hal! I know it was a long journey but sure feels good right! 73 Rick WB0USI


Thanks Rick! A great journey, now I need a new one! 73! Hal

Congratulations Hal on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY


New journey?
Listening for you on the bands as you start picking off some of those zillion un-activated W6 peaks!

Best, Ken

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congrats Hal. I was pleased to work you on that fine day. Look forward to working you many more times
Jack KB7HH

Congrats Hal. Well done…baa…Mike AD5A


Congrats on MG well done


Great job, Hal. Feels good to get there, doesn’t it? We’ve been at this quite a while and must be in each other’s logs many times. Onward!

Phil, NS7P

Congratulations Hal! Thanks for all the Qs on and off the peaks.


Mike - ke5akl

Congrats Hal and welcome to the herd and thanks for all the Q’s.


Dennis - WA2USA

Congratulations MG Hal!


Thanks for the kind comments! Here is a link to a writeup of my “Mountain Goat Day”", with Dan NA6MG https://halssota.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/corral-benchmark-w6-ss-324-and-peak-8108-w6-ss-336-16-sept-2017-mountain-goat-day/

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:muscle: :goat: :+1: :wink: Bravo!, Hal!

Well done!

Congrats! I hope I can join ya in 3-5 years. Ha!


Well done and thanks for documenting so much in your blog for others to follow in your foot steps!


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Great going, Hal.

Yes, A hardy congratulations. Sorry I missed your big day.
Don, NK6A