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N6AN Summit Confusion on W6/CC-002 21/08/28

On Saturday I posted alerts for two summits. My first destination, Mt. Pinos, W6/CC-002 (1430Z alert), was so enjoyable I never made it to the second, Cerro Noroeste, W6/SC-001(1900Z alert). My phone died around 18Z. When I got home I realized there was confusion as to my summit. Several QSOs, including four s2s, show an incorrect summit.
The first summit RBNhole time expired at 1730Z and the second summit time began at 18Z. My CQ on 18 MHz at 1838Z triggered a spot for W6/SC-001 while I was still on W6/CC-002. The single later spot by K6LDQ at 1913Z showed the correct, W6/CC-002, reference.
Although I had planned ahead by packing a battery backup, a missing adapter to plug it into the phone foiled me.
I had a wonderful time on Mt Pinos, beat the SoCal heat, enjoyed the magnificent vistas.
Please check your logs and make sure my summit is W6/CC-002. Thank you.

David N6AN


RBN will not spot the incorrect summit if you use wildcards when doing multiple summits. You merely alert for W6/??-??? and a windows extension to ensure RBN keeps the alert active, in this case S+8 in the comment.

RBN will then get it right and at least one chaser will need to hear you send the ref and spot you. Then there’s never any need to chase up people later who never actually heard the ref and just took it from SOTAwatch to tell them there was RBN confusion and their chase is wrong.

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Thanks for the S2S. I have checked my log and I have the correct summit (CC-002).

Paul Mower

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We got S2S contacts with you on CC-002 from two different peaks. We were remarking to ourselves that it is unusual to have an activation last so long. It must have been a super nice day on Pinos with a big pile of batteries!