N3ICE W3 Region's first MGx2

Yesterday, 2nd June 2023, Jill / N3ICE became a MG for the 2nd time…the first in the W3 region!

With her now 2013 points, 251 Activations, 151 Unique Summits, 9 Associations, 30 Regions, 4398 QSO’s she is also Delaware’s top activator (albeit Delaware has ZERO summits!)…

Congratulations MGx2 Jill!
Jim / AC3B


Many Congratulations Jill nice achievement glad i was able to get you on one of the Summits.

Congratulations, Jill ! Awesome accomplishment. Always great to work you. Now to get you and Jim to start on some CW…
73 Gary

Congratulations, Jill!! :goat::goat:

Michael, N4DCW

Congrats Jill and excellent work. Always a pleasure to work you and hope to do so many more times.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congrats on 2X Goat Jill…Great work.



Most Excellent! I am so glad to have you in my log so many times. Keep up the addiction. :slight_smile:

Dean ~ K2JB

Congratulations Jill!

73 de Jonathan “JB”

Congratulations on 2X MG! Bob AC1Z


73 From Brazil

Congratulations Jill! 2xMG is a great achievement!

Andy, N4LAG


Kent K9EZ

Well done, congrats,


Way to go, Jill! I have listened for you recently but conditions have not been favorable in my area. A couple of times I could tell your voice but I couldn’t make out what you were saying. I do hope to get you in the future. Good work.

Ron, NR3E :hiking_boot: