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N1EU in F/AM-677

Hello SOTA Friends.
You can watch my lastest video from F/AM-677: http://youtu.be/SgTJ8lRssQI
I want you to thanks for all QSO.

N1EU, Barry is a very good OP with a very good Antenna!
He got me on the Dietrichsberg(DM/TH-663) with an MP-1 with 33 and one on the Öchsenberg (DM/TH-680) even with 44 modified with a DV-27 for 20m.

In reply to DK2RMP:

Thanks Roger and Peter! It’s fun working you guys early in the morning just as the band begins to open. I appreciate that you both operate 20M - far too many of the EU activators at 09-11Z are only 40/30M or 2M.

Roger, in the video it looks like you were using a vertical antenna mounted on a camera tripod? What size was the vertical antenna? You had quite a good signal for such a modest antenna!

Barry N1EU

Yes, I know the one that used barely a 20m!
I do it for the reason just because EA or SV and very bad to work here in DL on 40m.
Thank you for your good ears Barry!

In reply to N1EU:

Thanks for taking the time to call me so early, from your side of the pond this morning, Barry.
Terrific signal!