N0PCL to activate Preikestolen LA/RL-042


While I am visiting Norway for a NATO conference, I have the opportunity to activate Preikestolen, or “Pulpit Rock” on 16 June around 2000 local time (1900z). I’ll be operating as a CEPT station, so LA/N0PCL/P will be the callsign.

I’ll have the capability to operate SSB, CW, and FM from 80-2 meters, and 70 cm.

I’ll post an alert.

I do have one question: What are the 2M and 70cm FM calling frequencies for Norway/Europe? My understanding is that the frequencies are 145.5 FM, and 433.5 FM, respectively.

Many thanks in advance.
Nate N0PCL

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145.500MHz indeed - looking at the map, you’ll be very lucky to make a 2m contact there, let alone 70cm. Good you bring the HF gear :slight_smile:

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Yup, I’m aware. I’m bringing the gear that earned me Mountain Goat. It’ll be ok.


I expect you are aware of the minor bandband deviations (for example the 40 m band ends at 7.2 MHz) but just in case the HF bandplan.
Enjoy the activation :+1:



When operating, I think you are supposed to carry paper copies of;

  1. Your FCC license
  2. CEPT agreement that grants you the operating privilege in Norway
  3. Your US passport.

I snuck out before breakfast to operate outside Oslo a few years back. Picked the worst time as it seemed to be in the middle of a solar disturbance and it took what seemed like ages to get my 4 Qs before scurrying back to the hotel.

Have fun, great country!



When I did Norway, I went with their AM on the first peak. He prepared by checking with Post & Telegraph… nothing special needed, but I did carry my license. Seems a good idea to take a copy of the CEPT rules, as you never know when a local policeman may stop by.


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I have all of that.