Mynydd y Cwm - GW/NW-076

This morning I activated Mynydd y Cwm - GW/NW-076 and within the hour, made 28 contacts and 7 S2S contacts - thanks all.
The route in was over and under fallen trees zig-zagging to the summit but made it in 15mins after leaving the carpark.
Weather cool but bright with slight wind.
FT-857/2m ladder line on a 6m pole strapped to the tree and cracked on with the job.
After chatting with a mountain bike chap, he suggested another route down.
As you look at the memorial you can see a wheel rim & tyre at the bottom of the hill, I aimed for this and then kept heading down until you get to a track, turned right on this and then you come to a few trees blocking the way, hang a left and right back onto a single track road next to some horses fields.
Keep following and then you see a style, go over this and you will end up on the track in the forest that takes you back to the car park on the road.

Also met M1EYP who also activated the summit minutes after I left.


Thanks for the contact John.
Best 73 Allen

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Did a double take on that summit name!
Looked like a calendar date: DD/MM/YY


No probs Ben. It was a nice day for it.