Mynydd Troed & Llangorse GW/SW-009/015

A pleasant snowy day in the Black Mountains yesterday spoilt by contesters and risk of lightening. Activation report at [][1]

The day also brought an end to my 2m Rucksack Dipole the RSS after 10 years of use and abuse - testament to the quality of SOTA Beams products.

Thanks to those that checked in with me

73 Glyn

PS can someone tell me how to put pictures on the reflector?

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Hi Glyn - you need to use the upload button - the one that looks like a plastic desk in-tray with a vertical arrow (6th. from the right in my case). Then you can upload the usual formats - GIF, JPG etc.

You can’t simply cut and paste into the reflector as the upload action also generates HTML code to display the picture in your post, as you will see.

73 Ed.

Thanks Ed

On Windows, just drag and drop, the normal Windows way of doing things since Windows 3.1 days. I haven’t tried on Linux… something to try tonight.

Nice report Glyn, I’m missing my /SW outings this winter so keep them coming!
Couldn’t agree more with weekend activating. I steer well clear of it unless there’s no other option. It’s part of the reason I love shift work; lots of time off mid week :slight_smile:

Anywa reference photo sharing - well you already have some photos on your blog. If you wish to also post them here, simply right click on them and select copy image address.

Now post that copied url directly into the editor and voila …

Apart form the other methods described above, you can also embed photos that you already have elsewhere online on photo sharing sites.
For example on Flickr, just select the share option on the desired photo and select the HTML embed option.

You can now select the size of the photo you want embeded and copy and paste it into the editor like so:


This of course uses none of the bandwidth that has to otherwise be provided by the MT :smiley:
It also means that anyone clicking the photo is taken directly to the sharing site (Flickr in this instance) where they could possibly view further photos.
Other photo sharing sites have similar embed options, as does YouTube.

Another tip, if you’re a Windoze user, is to capture screen shots using the snipping tool.
For this just select the image to be “snipped” and paste (ctrl v) directly into the editor like so:


Now thats interesting Pete, I had been trying right mouse button and paste - but that is greyed out! I also tried to old cross operating systems standard of shift+Insert that also doesn’t work. So I thought direct pasting won’t work - interesting that CTRL-V does work, as proved below (this was taken from your post with the Windows Snipping tool).

One never stops learning HI. This will make things easier, I’ve been saving the graphics files and uploading them as I described to Glyn. Cutting and pasting, even if I have to use what I always thought of as the Microsoft CTRL+V option rather than other standard methods of pasting.