Mynydd Nodol report

Activation report GW/NW-048 Mynydd Nodol 23/12/08

Arrived at Stuarts G0MJG just after 0830 and transferred all the kit, we then set off heading for the Mersey tunnel listening to GB7WP (the Wirral d star repeater) to stations on the south coast and Glasgow. Our route was to take us via Mold ,Ruthin and Bala.

Turning right in Bala along the A4212, after about 1 mile turning left onto an unmarked road to take us up along side NW-048. After about 1 mile from the village of llidiardau there is a cattle grid beyond which there is a large parking area.

Ascending from this side is just a case of following faint sheep tracks along a small ruinous wall which is quite steep in places. With no tracks to follow it became a heather stomp which was soaking wet, even gaiters proved useless in these conditions.
(the marked fences and walls are no obstacle on this summit)

Once on summit there was a heat stealing wind blowing across the top which proved quite chilly after 10mins of faffing about. As with Cracoe fell I tried digital voice simplex and soon had 3 stations in the bag, determined to qualify it I stayed calling to get an elusive 4th contact, A station was heard in talking with another but they qsyd before I could make myself heard.

Meanwhile Stuart was on 5megs working the usual suspects but getting colder all the time, by this time I had switched to 2m fm and was working a mini pile up. Mistakenly in a fit of madness I told everyone I was above lake Bala it was in fact LLyn Celyn reservoir so apologies if I confused anyone.

After 1 .25 hrs on summit it was time to go, a wet heather stomp back to the car and a trip to a café in Bala put payed to a second summit. Sausage, chips and a large mug of coffee being responsible here.

Many thanks to all stations worked and a merry Christmas to all.

Keith G0OXV

In reply to G0OXV-2:
I hope to activate Mynydd Nodol over Easter 2011 weekend. The family and I are camping at Bala and it seems a reasonable short walk if conditions are fair. I’ll self spot if / when we start the ascent rather than guess an alert time. I’d begin on 5MHz while the boys play hide and seek or ‘capture the summit radio station’.
Dymuniadau dda / 73

Dei MW0YDH/P / David M0YDH

In reply to M0YDH:

Hi Dei

I picked up 3 ticks in chest high bracken on this one - it was September though. Lovely hill - very handy rock seat/shack bench adjacent a post to strap the pole to at the summit. Saw a stunning sunset over Llyn Celyn.

73 de Paul G4MD