My two latest adventures

19 S2S total from two activations, over 1100points total for S2S now.

Hi Henning,

It’s interesting to hear one’s own exchange. Thanks for going through the effort to cut more than 2.5 hours of raw video together.

I am glad that I made it into today’s log of TM-245 twice, as the very first and the very last of your QSOs!

73 Heinz

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Great videos Henning,
and I was surprised to see my own callsign in the second video … yiehaa !
I made 62 s2s qso’s on my last tour (25 summits), so can’t remember them all, hi.

But even better, our s2s qso was with you only using 0.5W, I didn’t realize that. I was using KX3 at 15W “HIGH” power. Antenna was an endfed of 9.15m with 9:1 UNUN.

73, Luc ON7DQ

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Thank you for feedback.
I like making the video and it takes about 6-8 hours…
73´s and hope to work you S2S again!

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