My QRP record

In my last SOTA, EA2/*HU -055 Otal 2.701mts, by mistake, during my first CQ calls in 14Mhz, I was using only 0,1W. Any way, many chasers got to contact me. So I wanted to thanks all of them for their patience and focused attention.
The magic of the radio.
72, EA2EOW


i like the QRO 5Watt :slight_smile:

Gomes CT1HIX

I’ve done the same. I use a QRP Guys LED SWR checker and forgot to move the switch to OPER. As a result, I was putting out about 500mw and had around 30 chasers including a couple of DX.


Love it. It just goes to show you that if there is a little bit of effort put into it and the conditions are good enough you just don’t need great amounts of power.

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