My latest video and revealing what is up for grabs in my giveaway

Comment on my videos on YouTube or in my other thread on reflector and get a ticket to my draw for this awesome piece!

I hope you like the video? Comments are always welcome, good or bad…

73 de LA3NGA


Hello Henning. Loved your video :grinning:. Very informative for the newbies. Clearly you had a great day and activation with a good score. Thanks,

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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1 ticket for the draw awarded. Thanks for the feedback

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Great film Henning! Watching that first scene, I thought I was watching “Predator”. :grinning:

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Best line in that film is: I ain’t got time to bleed. :smiley:

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“Get to the Chopper” Henning!!